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yes adversary what many label a propaganda win for putin this was the primary objective of lot of the putin was to sow permanent instability in american society and political culture so that we're so busy fighting each other we don't have time to take him on as a threat opposition democrats not surprisingly were equally outraged at what the president did. side with our number one enemy who is attacking the united states daily in a variety of ways and be literally kneecapping our allies is just appalling and demands some kind of explanation the senate intelligence committee has also concluded russia meddled in the us elections fears it will happen again in twenty eight team in the senate when people have to stand up and see which side you are one of those times this is one of those times there may now be in the u.s. congress are renewed push for bipartisan legislation known as the deter that would
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now severe sanctions against russia and banking sectors should it be found to interfere in any future u.s. election can really help al-jazeera washington with or to the middle east where the u.s. led coalition in syria is being accused of being deeply into nile about the number of civilian deaths in iraq last year amnesty international says hundreds were killed and thousands injured figures repeatedly rejected by the u.s. and its allies they even acknowledged twenty three civilian deaths over the course of a form of military campaign involving thousands of asteroids now the coalition's numbers are contradicted by people on the ground the syrian defense forces told amnesty that botched strikes resulted in what it calls huge human and material losses. the accuses the coalition of conducted substandard investigations that don't involve any of the ground research. is a senior crisis response from the c international joins me now live from london
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studio good to have you with us i mean how do you actually collate your evidence it's a difficult task. but it's possible i spent two weeks in iraq with a colleague visiting the sites of the investigation of the airstrikes investigating what happened collecting material evidence such as remnants of munitions that were used in those particular strikes interviewing survivors and witnesses all of that it's very time consuming labor intensive task but it is perfectly possible and it is absolutely unacceptable to do coalition has until today not done the same day have the duty and the responsibility to investigate the outcome of their air strike going going on the grounds to do citing this again
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is a crucial component of those investigation they are not doing this there is no reason no justification for why is the coalition dismissing your report out of her and. well only they can answer this question but i think that what we're seeing is is the coalition being in the nile and being essentially unwilling to accept its responsibilities and not to be willing to do the right thing which would be to investigate to accept where there are strikes led to civilian casualties and to provide reparation to the victims and to their families there are thousands of families in rocca who are waiting for justice and who deserve justice and the coalition has an obligation to provide reparation they have the resources for the military operation they must now put their
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resources into dealing with the consequences however painful and costly those are well if that is also the case then why at the moment you might say it is a case of he said she said or p.r. spin why should we believe your version of science and not the official coalition version of their evidence because they are pubs yet to respond to our requests for an interview. well this international has put on the public record dean from asia and that we have got there in the field in rocca we have been there the coalition has not we have carried out site investigation the coalition has not done so we have put the information out on the public record videos photographs the names of the victims the lists of the victims g.p.s.
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coordinates satellite imagery of the before and after the strike all of that is available for anybody to review the coalition saw far us put out a lot of frontally rhetorical emptier retire it and this is an operational of the year where it is perfectly possible for a coalition members to send out their investigators this is not possible everywhere but it's possible in places like iraq and mosul there is no justification for them not to do so or to see what happens or what the reaction is in the coming days so we have to end the interview that's fascinating donatella rovera thanks very much for joining us from the city international. will libya's coast guard has rescued one hundred fifty eight african migrants and refugees from a boat to europe thirty four women annoying children were among those on board saves of libya's northern coast the vessel was taken to a landing point in the city of homes the european union and japan have signed
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a free trade deal that will eliminate nearly all terrorists presenting a united front as the trump administration puts of trade barriers is that used to get steel to date creating a trading zone covering six hundred million people and nearly a third of the global economy a day after warning the u.s. china and russia are again starting a trade war the european council chief says this agreement sends a very clear message. we have put in can play the largest bailout the role trade deal ever this is the largest of. don't for the rules based international order at the time when the questioning dissolved. we are fending a clear message that we stand together against blood to actually workers from more loyal retail giant amazon or expected to go on strike during the company's biggest
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annual sales event activists say nearly two thousand employees walked off their jobs in spain as amazon kicked off its thirty six hour prime day event on monday thousands more in germany plan to follow suit on tuesday the workers are demanding the company share its wealth by improving salaries and benefits and muzzles revenue jumped thirty eight percent to sixty eight billion dollars in twenty seventeen. so to asia where human rights watch is calling on myanmar's government to compensate hundreds of farmers who've had their land illegally confiscated and activists believe thousands of square kilometers have been seized by government and military leaders since the one nine hundred ninety s. a new human rights watch report says many rural families are on the verge of starvation and with no access to basic necessities hundreds of farmers have also been prosecuted for protesting against the seizures or refusing to leave their homes and send party the national league for democracy campaign to end the confiscations but farmers have seen almost no progress since her party won
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elections in twenty fifteen for robertson is the deputy director for human rights watch he says farmers lives have been destroyed. the loss of land for farmers means everything to them this is them losing their independence this is them losing their financial security earning enough to survive this is them not being able to send their children to school this is not being able to the hospital this is losing their community they've lost everything and they are being transformed from independent farm land owners to people dependent on daily manual labor at very very low wages really this is a crisis of accountability for me a mark that the local people the farmers who form such a vast majority of the people of myanmar are being left worse by government actions there needs to be clear laws there needs to be independent committees to
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investigate land seizures and there has to be process and the land back or to provide compensation to farmers who've lost their land fair compensation not just smitten it's small amounts that are given clips or to make the problem go away and this is the thing that has to be a top political priority for the n l d government led by aung san suu kyi mexico's president elect has on a done election promise by cutting his own salary and those of of the politicians of this manuel lopez obrador cruz to a landslide victory two weeks ago von take on corruption and the political elite he's taken a pay cut of sixty percent and john holmes reports now from mexico city. the bling on showing congress of the remind of from a concern of the yawning gap between themselves and the highly paid scandal rocked the political class that's what was music to the ears of many when incoming president and the. announced this year were yet. i'm going to receive
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one hundred ninety thousand pesos per month in other words i'm going to receive only forty percent of what placed an opinion yet commonly receives as well as cuts . the president to wage by more than huff he promises to restrict the salaries of other high earning public servants. definitely satisfy his base lopez obrador switch to power in the promise to what he calls the power mafia but it could also cause problems there are two thousand years on the one can't losing good public servants on the other hand if you go very low then you can open the door for corruption precisely what you are trying to fight so i mean there is not that there is a guarantee that with good salaries there is not going to be corruption and we have seen that and now they say with the current administration but eve you go very low that dollar for corruption east why there the salary cuts at the headlines but in total lopez obrador rolled out fifty anti corruption and old stereotype promises he
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says that public servants will lose their protection from prosecution and that they will have no new cars and a limit on pay devises trips abroad and juicy bonuses government contracts will be observed by the united nations. lopez obrador also said that the country's attorney general's office long considered a tool for whether zim power will have absolute autonomy but some civil society groups complain that he's showing little enthusiasm for their plan to change the law to guarantee that independence they say could be a may just sticking point without an impartial referee to enforce them the ambitious anticorruption policies could count for little john home in. mexico city well still ahead here all the news that matter a dollar invades bella roost peter will tell you about the argentines new job that's coming up in sports so don't go away.
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welcome back it's time for sports has peter i don't care whether they're off the pitch just a lot more well companies are short the live of the french team and their coach will be awarded the country's highest on after bringing home the world cup president emmanuel mccrum made the announcement as he joined hundreds of thousands of fans who celebrated the world champions return to paris as natasha butler reports people in france have been touched by the youth and diversity of the team. the colors of france's flag edged into the sky above paris as she was the same
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afternoon for the play is it was the coming they had dreamed dull for the fans a joyful moment think would never forget this look what's happening it's a party where united do have that twenty years ago and now again well champions. was going to take interest we had some difficulties in france with the attacks so this is a moment of pure happiness to something i the team or one of the youngest in the tournament thank you this touched people here and so has their diversity i know none of that we are happy because it shows you can be from the suburbs and sixteen i don't present they represent us because they young like us and pays only one year older than us because there is that the same things like this since ninety ninety eight when felt was won the world cup back then to tell you the same thing multiculturalism to many find that sense of duty in. the squad is actually is very similar to the war from one thousand and eight because as you said
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a lot of of players are coming from the suburbs whether they're from big cities and or the from the countryside from small villages in the play. pish showed that you can come from several different by browsing and still have good time together after the parade the french president welcomed the players to the lease a palace for a garden party attended by hundreds of teenagers from all over france the hope is that this young team can spy upon makes generation to. al-jazeera paris. christiane a rinaldo may have exited the world cup in the knockout stage with portugal but on monday he reentered the public sphere as a huge ventus player the thirty three year old says he's grateful for the opportunity given to him by the italian champions adding their players he's age usually go to qatar or china the portugal captain join the two written based team after nine years at real madrid he also hopes to be you ventus is a lucky star as they try to win the champions league for the first time since one thousand nine hundred six. i prefer to think of
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me in the present tense the present is very clear i enjoy football and i'm still rather young i have always liked challenges in my life so from sporting to manchester to riyadh and then you venters and so it was a dream career challenges are part of my life and i think this new challenge will be as good as the others while ronaldo may or may not play at the world cup in cutter another veteran of the game has announced his retirement from international football australia's tim cahill is calling time in his career after four consecutive world cup appearances the thirty eight year old is australia's leading international goalscorer with fifty goals and one hundred seven caps since he's debut in two thousand and four he came off the bench against peru in the group match but with an able to lift the team into the knockout stages. if we did this
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earlier today is the day that i am officially hanging up my boots on my international career with the socceroos no words can describe what it has meant to represent my country massive thank you to everyone for the support throughout all my years wearing the australian badge and the world cup has just ended but africa's top club teams are straight back in the thick of the action in the group stages of their continental champions league on tuesday egypt's giants are awfully will host a botswana's township rollers will be desperate for the win having lost and drawn they opening two games in group a they are bottom of the table new coach patrice carter on to his team on a short training camp to croatia as he looks to turn things around important to me to talk a lot with them because those players came back from the world very use mentally physically so we had really a short period for two people so i did use this camp like i told you to work in
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good facilities and good circumstances. and also to have a lot of time for me to spend with an international player to talk it out with them to near zero as the esperance will play come parlor city in the days of the group a match in group b. . a world look to tighten their grip on top spot when they face mc l.j. then in group c. the champions from the last two seasons we dard of morocco and south africa's moment sundowns both face tricky away matches and in group b. swaziland swallows face the daunting prospect of hosting it will do so how. we're halfway through the major league baseball season and that means the traditional old saw game will be played on tuesday but before the best players from the american league take on the pick of the national league the all-star home run derby takes center stage in a tournament knockout format sluggers take each other on in hate to head contest
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attempting to hit as many home runs as possible within a regulated amount of time that being four minutes since the event was taking place at nationals park in washington d.c. it was fitting that bryce harper of the washington nationals would play carl short of the chicago cubs in the final and win it nineteen eighteen. you know i think just having the crowd out there and you're really thriving off them and you know us are the best fans in all baseball and you know do that my family out there as well. you know it's an incredible moment not only for me but you know this organization and the nationals fans and you know very bus normal guy . and origin time legend diego maradona is a giant of football and his larger than life personality was on show as he took up a new job on monday in fact marathoner looked more like he was invading the belorussian city of braced on his way to taking up b.'s new post as chairman of
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demo the team is currently sixth in the belorussian league the former world cup winner says he needs a challenge. the new. i am not afraid of the challenge i'm not afraid of the serious projects and these people seem very serious to me today we were wondering what if i close my career in breast and maybe after that i stay to live this is what i dreamed of and i still need to know a lot of things ok we'll leave a phenomenal sport again later so thanks very much fate if you have been watching the i was there and he's with me so it's a problem is up next that he stay with us a few times a company. in
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iran waste inefficiency and a growing population i've led to do in living water supplies. have been determined to extract water from any source possible this is what you see as a result now the country's future it's. attitude to change and innovative solutions are being found. people in power investigates iran's will to crisis on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the. crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse know mahdi army uses
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a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff i can see the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. oh. dozens of syrians gathered near the israeli occupied golan heights on the
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wants them to go back. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me as a problem also ahead donald trump flies home to install them for criticism after defending russia against allegations of election meddling. twenty years after it was established to prosecute the world's worst atrocities look at the legacy and future the international criminal court. and they could i was late his victims are buried as the government faces more pressure to end its crackdown. a group of displaced syrians have approached the border fence between syria and the
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israeli occupied golan heights waving white flags. over. the. israeli soldiers called out the group to move back from the fence prompting some to turn back to nearby refugee camps it's thought the surveillance for attempting to seek help for sanctuary following airstrikes in the area near stephanie deca has more now from west jerusalem. that group of one hundred or so syrian internally displaced getting closer to that fence the fence with the occupied golan heights is ready. army is calling over loudspeakers for them to move back because certainly the situation for people inside syria has been desperate the borders remain closed israel's borders and jordan's borders remain closed there is an active campaign going on by the syrian army backed by russia to take those areas back from the rebels that the u.n. estimates around one hundred sixty thousand people have been displaced because of
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the fighting and they have nowhere to go there's another concern that people have been living under rebel control for years is repercussion the measures by the syrian government there activists in these areas there are journalists their families are simply afraid of what will happen to them one government forces take over the villages where they've been living and this is something that's been happening on a daily basis so it just highlights the desperation of the people inside syria they are now getting close to the fence with israel israel has made it very clear they will not be allowing any syrian internally displaced into israel it will however provide humanitarian aid which it has been doing but it is the first time in awhile that we're seeing people getting this close to the facts. well the golan heights have been the flash flash point in the region for decades israel captured it from syria and one nine hundred sixty seven and has occupied it ever since the move has never been recognized by the un though the golan heights gives israel
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a military advantage and is a key source of water israel has built more than thirty settlements in the territory well let's get more on this now we're joined by lama the deputy director of the middle east and north africa division at human rights watch and she is joining us from beirut very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so we heard from our correspondent there about the attacks from the syrian government in the area that these refugees fleeing from one of the conditions for them the living conditions for these and totally displaced syrians that they are also trying to escape so that tens of thousands that have been displaced are. extensive aerial bombardment. last night in many cases literally with the building on their backs they are living now in areas where there is intense heat now. without that humanitarian assistance and despite the extreme humanitarian
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conditions and the insecurity area both israeli government and the jordanian government have persisted in not allowing these asylum seekers up to refuse across the border and this fucking what all states obligations to take in people fleeing war. bull is really into a daily government absolutely have an obligation to not push back. science seekers syrians that are risking their lives include journalists humanitarian aid workers these are the kinds of individuals that we know are the syrian government has started it. has executed these people are quite literally fleeing for their lives and so how do you assess the reaction from the israeli side so far which is being sold as calling out to these people to turn back some of them have done that and what are you asking the soldiers and the israeli government to do
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here. i mean quite simply it's not but and it's you mean you know these are individuals that are desperate for assistance and the response is really government has to provide assistance to cross the border which has been inadequate and again there are serious security concerns for the space population that remain in syria and so what can and should happen now to protect these people. these individuals have a right to claim asylum to have their individual considered and to be allowed to cross the border and it's not they are refugees which we believe many of them many of our. current circumstances fortunately. there beats are i'm certain you know for many of them they do fear returning to
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reside in yonkers under the control of the syrian government and the options are very limited there are. displaced that have moved up towards and live in the north but again it's to ration the dynamics and if there are incredibly insecure absence of humanitarian assistance and again insecurity. aerial bombardment sahiba thank you very much for your time on that as that is human rights watch as lama fucking join has live from beirut thank you thank you so let's move on to other news now and israel is tightening its seen on almost two million people never going to gaza by further restricting the flow of goods into the territory it's spreading to bad old fuel and pulled through the cut and then crossing while food and medicine will need permission to go through them as the sole commercial crossing into gaza it is for the flow of fuel necessary for people who only get up to six hours of electricity
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a day and has also reduced fishing space for gaza's. fishermen from six to three nautical miles let's get more on this now our correspondent that is joining us live from gaza port and fisherman also in the firing line charles once again and for them this economic hit is even more devastating for their livelihoods. that's right yeah the fishermen here in gaza are been feeling steadily increasing strangulation over their livelihoods for twelve years since the blockade started now this new restriction of only three kilometers is going to make their life a lot worse it's estimated that around fifty thousand gazan families some way involved in the fishing business here so you can imagine the kind of impact that it has economically and it's also worth stressing having spoken here to the heads of the fishermen's union he says that gaza needs around four thousand tons
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a year of fish just to sustain its local population he believes that with these new restrictions they'll be lucky to get around eight hundred tons of fish a year i stay in gaza regularly close to this poll you're often woken up in the mornings by israeli gunboats firing warning shots at fishermen close to the shore trying to keep them within these restricted areas the fisherman's union says that since the blockade started least thirteen people thirteen fishermen have been killed two in this year and around two hundred injured so these new restrictions as you say are going to make their lives in the lives of potentially thousands of gazans even more difficult and charles as it were mentioned it's not as part of other restrictions gaza being squeezed from every side because fuel the transport of field through the column. is so vital for gazans as also daryn to be caught. that's right. once
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again twelve years of this blockade that the gazans have suffered fuel restrictions over that period of time things of now suddenly got a lot worse an official in the fuel sector told us the small thing that needs around a million liters of diesel every day that the local population in the various u.n. facilities here it also needs around two hundred and fifty thousand liters of gasoline and five hundred tons of cooking oil for the local population each day that material those that fuel that gasoline is not coming through now then of course you've got the fuel that is so desperately needed for the power station the one power station in gaza it's got full turbines only one of those turbines is currently working now that fuels boat from egypt we've spoken to somebody this morning who tells us that the fuel from egypt for that power station is also not
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coming through anymore so you can imagine the kind of pressure is being ramped up on the gazans here meanwhile prime minister netanyahu of israel last night saying that he expected that what he described as the exchange of blows. between hamas and israel could well continue he's saying that these strikes against hamas facilities will continue despite there being a cease fire if indeed these kites fly as holding these incendiary devices continue to be flown from gaza against israeli properties across the border we know how massive the already said that they are going to do their best to stop these these incendiary devices going across the border but we know how difficult that is so yes massive new sanctions in terms of the economy here on the blockade an increasing fear here among scholars are about any potential escalation in violence charles thank you very much for that. and with the latest from the polls frank you.
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now u.s. president donald trump has arrived home to severe criticism from both sides of american politics off the side and russian president vladimir putin on election meddling speaking after their summit in finland trump even challenge the findings of his own intelligence community from helsinki has our diplomatic editor james they. were face to face ahead of us so meeting a meeting that lasted over two and a half hours but if you were hoping they would solve any of the world's problems you'll be sorely disappointed instead when they spoke to reporters their comments were dominated by their views on the most toxic political issue in the u.s. an issue that just got more controversial as they seemed mainly to agree on it during today's meeting i addressed directly with president putin the issue of russian interference in our elections i felt this was
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a message best delivered in person spend a great deal of time talking about it. and president putin may very well want to address it. and very strongly because he feels very strongly about it and here's an interesting idea putin then explained that idea he'd get russian authorities to interview the twelve.


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